by Constanze O. Wild.| llustrations by Gernot

After the car had driven leisurely overland without any false haste, it turned on to a gravel road. It was only after a few seconds that I realized that we were approaching our destination. What I could see from the corners of my eyes resembled a large stud farm, a country estate, a small castle.
Huge old trees, a park-like garden and several large, timehonoured buildings—some seemed to be stables —surrounded the open space. Despite my situation—being driven naked and tied up in a car
across French country roads, I had to admit that the place was charming. And as Leicester had said at the airport, I wasn‘t that naked. I was wearing the latex panties with the dildos. And the long tubes with the pump balls hung between my legs. But my thoughts were completely absorbed by this property
and the wonderful day. I wondered what it would be like to explore the countryside on horseback with Leicester after having breakfast in the garden. Well, I kept thinking I‘d probably have to do it naked for him to get his money‘s worth. The car stopped. And even before they freed me, …