Jonny Simple: „My first exhibit of my photography in April of 2019 was a great
success. 40 photos from my portfolio were on display; half of which were from my „mild
fetish“ series, and the other half were from my „sealed in plastic“ (vacbed) series. People off
the street, with little or no experience in BDSM, were fascinated by the photos, and very open to
hearing about BDSM, and how „50 shades“ truly isn‘t something to use as a reference! Several
people ended up scheduling photoshoots at my studio as a result, and some came to explore
a few things with my help, such as being tied in rope, and also to take a toy into the vacbed
and pleasure themselves. One girl was VERY interested in breathplay, and while in the vacbed, asked me to choke her. She had intense orgasms, but wasn‘t interested in photoshoots.“
HEAVY RUBBER: How did you get into fetish photography, and why do you enjoy sealing girls
into plastic?
JS: „I have been photographing since I was 7 years old when my father handed me my first
camera. Since then, I‘ve been taking landscape photos and some portrait photos, but never
fetish. Then when I started living …