The collaboration of the couple Katerina Mora and Oleg Xozt made both of them famous – her as a fetish model, and him as a photographer who stylishly staged them. Two years ago, Oleg suddenly died. Katerina told us how she get up after this heavy blow of fate and how she will preserve his memory and
continue their common fascination for latex now.

Katerina remembers how it all began: “The fetish world and modeling entered my life four years ago. I was just a girl who met the right man. He was strong, spoiled and looking for a muse to become a new model for his studio. This man was Oleg Xozt, the creator of Xozt Latex Studio, fetish photographer and, later on, my husband. Xozt Latex Studio is an association of people who are passionate about fetish, eroticism and latex. It exists since June 2015 and since then, he has worked with more than ten models.
I never had any experience with fetish fashion or modeling until July 22, 2017. That summer day I was …