Many artists who have dedicated themselves to fetish art bring their fantasies to life by working on computers. Be it that they draw digitally or create photo-realistic 3D models. Behind the pseudonym phetishskin is a professional artist from Great Britain with a career that has now spanned decades.

HEAVY RUBBER: How did the fetish art start for you?
phetishskin: I‘m self-taught, have done a few pinup paintings in both acrylics and digitally over
the years, but have never really expressed my intensely personal side through my art. I held back because I knew I couldn‘t share it with anyone lest it be judged by people I know or interfere with my career. I‘ve had a latex fetish for as long as I can remember. I clearly remember being fascinated by the gas masks and rubber scuba gear for my 70‘s GI Joe doll, the hoses and wires of my Six-Million -Dollar Man Repair Station toy. It literally goes back as far as I can even remember. I also remember lying in the dark before falling asleep, fantasizing about being taken into treatment rooms by mysterious women, where experiments would take place.
HR: That goes back really far into childhood. And how did you discover that you are not alone with these tendencies?
ps: I think it was at a local comic store. That‘s where I found copies of the Marquis Rubber Discipline photo specials and I was blown away there were pictures I‘d had in my head for three decades right there in front of me, looking at me!I‘ve never really responded to my obsession. I‘ve never discussed my fetish with anyone other than my wife, I‘ve never known anyone in my social circle who I‘ve ever felt comfortable bringing up the subject with. So she just sat there, …

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