Miss Fetilicious | @miss_fetilicious

She is definitely the cheerful bird of paradise among rubber and latex enthusiasts: Miss Fetilicious. Her outfits are colourful and sometimes don‘t look as blatant as they are. It is not uncommon for her to be covered in several layers of rubber from head to toe. What moves this impressive icon of the fetish scene?

MARQUIS: Dear Miss Fetilicious, Natalie, unfortunately we didn‘t had time at the Passion
in Hamburg, but it was definitely a great pleasure to finally meet you in real life! You
Miss Fetilicious: Thank you! It was great to meet you too! An interview in Marquis, the
famous fetish magazine, that‘s an absolute dream come true! I am very honoured!
MQ: I think I read that your friend showed you latex for the first time. This is like the classic
story. Why is it always the boys? Any idea?
MF: Good question! I think in general, a lot more men are interested in latex than women. I know
so many men with a latex fetish, but only a few women.
MQ: You‘ve been practicing latex professionally for a while now, and I think you‘re definitely one
of the most dedicated latex models out there. How much time in your life revolves around
MF: Oh, latex is indeed a big part of my life! I work full time in a large flower shop, but other
than that, I spend pretty much all my free time with latex. On the days when I‘m not working in
the flower shop, I do photoshoots and film new videos for my fans, or I create new latex outfits
for myself to wear at upcoming photoshoots or events. In the evenings, I cut videos, wash my
latex outfits and start making new plans. I rarely watch TV. I just enjoy it so much! It‘s my
passion and my lifestyle!
MQ: You also design latex? How do you come up with new designs?
MF: I get inspiration from many different things.
Sometimes it‘s just …

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