Photo: Killer Heels Photography

Models: Lolly Lightning, Miss Fortune London, Stephanie Anderson, Julia Werecat

Imagination is the only Weapon in the War with Reality!

It was a great honour and pleasure to meet Andrew, aka Killer Heels Photography, in person on my first business trip for MARQUIS in London.

Peter W. Czernich arranged a great interview with terrific pictures for my first MARQUIS
issue (that was No. 68 A.d.Red. ), and so Andrew has been a constant companion for
me since I descended down this rabbit hole called MARQUIS — with a critical eye, humour
and heart. When he showed me the Alice in Wonderland pictures , I knew that this had to be a very special feature track at MARQUIS! With a great team, Andrew completely recreated the world of Alice in Wonderland here. And I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t love to be at this tea party! This elaborate shoot was realised with Gosia Weiss and HellsBelle, who were responsible for the great make-up, as well as the great models Julia Werecat as the Mad Hatter, Miss Fortune London as the Queen of Hearts, Stephanie Anderson as the White Rabbit and Lolly Lightning as Alice! After the shoot, we sat down amongst all the delicious cakes and spoke to those involved.

MARQUIS: What was the shoot like? What was it like portraying a special character?
Stephanie Anderson: I have to admit, I was quite nervous. I wanted it to be perfect — for
Andrew, but also for the other models. But after a few bites of cake, the sugar rush
kicked in and it worked itself out. I mean, a rabbit on a pole dancing pole … what more
can you expect from life? Haha!
Miss Fortune London: Me as Queen of Hearts? That was no problem, I am the Queen of
Hearts after all! And the other models helped me fit in great. And then when you’re told to
crash such a beautifully prepared tea party… the horses run away with me!
Lolly Lightning: When I saw the wonderful set, I got such a boost of energy and was 100
per cent ready for the shoot!
Julia Werecat: I was the Mad Hatter, and that’s the character that fascinates me the
most anyway. The make-up was so great, I kept it on on the way back to Edinburgh, and it
got me some fascinated looks from one guy or another.
MQ: How did you find being part of such an elaborate shoot?
JW: It was really fun to have Lolly stand on her head and put her legs on her hips because
we all played it like it was the most normal thing in the world.

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