The James Bond film series is cult. Exotic locations, breathtaking stunts, beautiful men and women and exciting entertainment. But cars, watches, suits and the Bond girls‘ outfits have also caused a sensation time and again. Together with designer label LeQlé, we set out to add a little Bond flair and reinterpreted three iconic Bond girls — in latex.

It was hot.
The air was shimmering and an eerie silence lay over the Grand Hotel. The three ladies tried everything to mask the tension. They had a mission and their employer was not known for being understanding when one failed.
The job was to intercept His Majesty’s spy. And who better to do that than these three women?
Fuxteufelswild, Jinx Bewitched and Elody Lobes are our Bond girls, eagerly awaiting the agent,
not always with honourable intentions. The outfits from designer label LeQlé are meant to
distract the agent from his mission long enough for the principals to act. But apart from a name,
the women have nothing. Will they recognise him? Which guest will it be?