Photo by teutonic_

Frejadottir was last represented in HEAVY RUBBER seven years ago. We say: That was actually
far too long ago. And, as she tells us right away, a lot has happened in the meantime:

«A lot has changed, but some things never change.»

Frejadottir: I think it‘s great that the fetish scene has grown so big and that there is still room for both latex fetishists and those who just like the look of latex. I‘m still on the Latex Addicts team. I also love that the community doesn‘t exclude me even though I‘m in my late twenties. I still love meeting like minded people and new fetishists who love this wonderful and exciting material called latex.
HR: We can only agree with that. Fetish has nothing to do with age. Fetish is a matter of attitude. And just as some grow in and with the scene, so do new generations! This is what makes a healthy, lively and open scene.
FR: Some things in my life have changed …

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