by Constanze O. Wild.| llustrations by Imp with a pencil | @pencil_imp

I scuttled across the marble floor behind Madame Coulette. The two bells were quite heavy and pulled on my breasts, which were tied off by the thick latex, relentlessly biting into my nipples.
I understood immediately: the ringing made all the workers – these drones welded into tight, transparent rubber – sit up and take notice, and everyone knew: a new one is here. All these conformed fantasies of my beloved Leicester looked at me, excited and joyful. They knew then what to expect, and while I might have fled, I‘m sure none of the girls would have hesitated to walk that path again.
We emerged from a hallway into the large entrance hall, whose dome-like skylight conjured up beautiful reflections on the floor and the bodies of the workers.
Here I met other novices, all dressed like me, only the number was different.
«Morning exercise. It‘s important. Thank me later», announced Madame Coulette, who let me stand in the entrance hall next to the other candidates. A few moments later, an incredibly beautiful being appeared through the main portal. I wasn‘t sure if she was Asian or not, but her face was mysterious and at the same time extremely lovely, almost childlike. I put her in her mid-twenties at most. Incredibly young for this institute. She wore a red latex body under black latex shorts. A top in the same colours paired with black fingerless gloves completed the outfit. She also held a riding crop in one hand, and her slender, muscular legs were encased in tight-fitting riding boots. Music played from somewhere and she started …

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