It all started with Bettie Page and a Centurians catalog and ended with John making images that would make any fetishist‘s heart beat faster. But he also has an accomplice.

HEAVY RUBBER: How long have you been interested in fetish eroticism and how did it come
about? Was there something/someone that gave the starting signal?
I knew Bettie Page, but seeing some of her work with Irving Klaw wasn‘t as easy as it was
in the internet age. When I was about 20, I came across a catalog of Centurians. It was full of
photographs and illustrations of fetish items that I couldn‘t believe existed. It was overwhelming and
had a huge impact on me.
HR: You seem to have a favorite model, who is she? Can you tell us something about them and your
Gt6: purple. She was friends with another model I worked with. She had asked for a shoot, but it took
over a year to make it happen. I should have done …