HEAVY RUBBER: When (at what age) did your fetish tendencies start, were there any triggers, and how
did it develop/increase?
LatexLea Anderson: That developed quite early for me, i.e. during the general sexual discovery
phase in my youth, between the ages of about eleven and fifteen. Right at the beginning about
the first pictures on the internet, about the parents’ disposable latex gloves and the first own
latex orders …
It then continued with the first attempts at gluing latex, the first personal contacts with like-minded
people and in 2009 the first fetish events. From 2011/2012 I was able to further expand my
contacts in the scene, for example by working with Fantastic Rubber at trade fairs or working
behind the scenes at fetish parties. Only over the years did I slowly realize that there was a
tendency to recognize this even in childhood. I found being tied up or gagged in television and
commercials not only repellent, but also somehow interesting and inspiring.
HR: Did you develop your tendencies on your own, or in a relationship? Were relationships
catalysts/»accelerators” at one point?
LLA: Mostly alone – unfortunately it never really worked out in my first long-term relationship. The
biggest motivation came in 2015 when I met Lara. She is one of the main reasons why Lea exists
as a model in this form, after I had had the idea….