Miss Fetilicious | @miss_fetilicious AND Lizanne Ligatio | @lizanne_ligatio
Matthias Wallmeier | @matthias.wallmeier | Masken: latex.moscow

You‘re sitting comfortably at a street café in summery temperatures trying to cool off with an ice coffee and suddenly you‘re witnessing an
alien invasion! That‘s what happened this summer when Miss Fetilicious and Lizanne Ligatio paid a visit to Earth. Finally, this event was
not documented only by amateur photographers, but by Matthias Wallmeier and Ligatio. So we have clear evidence: They are here!

HEAVY RUBBER: Matthias said you came up with the idea of the peaceful alien invasion. How did that happen?
Ligatio: We, Miss Fetilicious, Lizanne and I, were shooting at an event with the alien masks. After that
we thought: How cool would it be to shoot with the masks and, of course, with a matching catsuit, in the
city? We loved the idea right away, but then we needed something more… [conceptual]. This is how «Aliens visit Antwerp» came about. And of course, when tourists come to Antwerp, they have their cameras with them so they can show what they have seen and experienced. So everything came together as a whole.
HR: As soon as I saw the pictures, I knew that there could only be one cover for this issue, and that was the Rubber Aliens. What do you think, what is the special fascination here?
Matthias Wallmeier: I think it was the mix of the theme (alien tourists exploring the earth), the very unusual outfits and the spontaneity of the individual scenes in public that made this shoot something special.
HR: Who made the masks?
MW: The masks are from Latex.Moscow. Unfortunately, due to the war in Ukraine, it is no longer possible, or only possible under very difficult circumstances, to obtain masks or clothing from there.
HR: Ligatio, you filmed everything. Will we ever see the footage?
L: Sure! The main reason for doing all this was…

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