Giulia | @giulia.hmb // Photo: Andreas Reichardt | @anirei_letgo // 14-16 Holger Zeidler | @hzphoto.graphy //
MUA: Charlotte Fleck | @makeupfleck

Giulia is difficult to describe. This young tomboy is impressive, uninhibited, cheeky, funny and just downright awesome. Latex practically flew to the young lady and she held onto it. Her rapidly
growing number of her fans confirm: Giulia has that certain something. That was also the reason we told each other—a simple setup: black on black, so that nothing distracts from Giulia. But we needed a
short interview anyway.

MARQUIS: Hey Giulia, it was a really great shoot. Very fun. Please tell me again, how did latex
come about for you?
Giulia: I was a swimmer, so I often wore neoprene. And one day dear Julian (catboo_net on Instagram) approached me and invited me to my very first latex shoot in March 2021 and introduced me to the subject, so to speak. From that day on, I was just hooked, and that‘s how it all started.
MQ: Would you describe yourself as a fetishist or how do you feel about latex?
G: First and foremost, I see latex as a fashion statement and as part of fashion. I‘m amazed at
how much you can experiment with it and how diversely you can combine it — but I also have a
small fetish (laughs mischievously).
MQ: What do you do besides your career as a latex girl?
G: I am a student. I‘m currently studying social work and I really enjoy it.
MQ: Do you have shoot idea that you would like to implement, a dark fantasy?
G: Uhh, a difficult question. I still have a lot of ideas…