The dream girl from next door

She is certainly one of the most striking newcomers to the modelling scene
in recent years. The number of followers on Instagram proves that it‘s not just us who have
noticed her professional shots in latex, which exude a natural, likeable sex appeal.
At the same time, she has been offline for a long time, has rarely or never been seen at
events, so she has an air of mystery about her. Just who is Beyla Hughes?
MARQUIS wanted to know more …

MARQUIS: Beyla Hughes must be a stage name, does it meananything?
Beyla Hughes: I chose the name Beyla Hughes during along-term project, where it was about approaching the public in latex for the first time. I had a choice of three
alternatives. After deliberating together, I chose «Beyla Hughes» because of its melodic quality. After I left the project, I kept it because I have come to identify with it.
MQ: You are still very young, how did you get into fetish? When did you wear latex for the first time and how did you experience it?
BH: When I was a teenager, I met a photographer who designed latex himself. He showed me his creations and I was hooked from the first second. I can‘t describe what it was like, but the feeling was and still is tangible: «Enthusiasm». The feeling, the glamour, the extraordinary is what captivates me about latex to this day. I lost sight of this feeling for some time because I was quite alone in my circle of friends with my preference for latex. Unfortunately, latex had a very negative connotation for me for
a while. To this day, people around me find it difficult not to lump latex together with other things.
This feeling changed when, in my early 20s, I applied for a modelling job that was explicitly advertised for latex lovers. I‘m an introvert by nature, but there it was again, the spark inside me that made me want to feel that feeling on my skin again. There I was allowed to wear a metallic blue catsuit for the
first time and I just felt incredible. But unfortunately …