SARTRE @gothcharlotte | Photo: Christopher Robleto-Harvey | @synesterlatex

She is a trained tax consultant and is very successful in shooting porn that mixes mainstream and fetish. Her likeable and open way of talking about her work (no, not tax advice, but making films!) prompted us to ask the experiencedactress for an interview.

Between porn, taxidermy and philosophy or: Feel-good zone in the extremes

MARQUIS: Hey, how are you?
Charlotte Sartre: I’m doing great thanks!
MQ: I can imagine that most of our readers know you, but let‘s start with the obvious: you are a
porn actress.
CS: Yes, that is correct. I started in 2015, so I’ve been performing for a solid seven years so far.
Last year I started directing Everything Butt for, which has been extremely fun and
rewarding. I’ve just been very happy because I’m constantly surrounded by good people.
MQ: Are people in the porn business generally nicer than people who aren‘t in the scene?
CS: I find most people in my industry are open-minded and easy to get along with, but
I’m the type of person that tries to be friendly and get along with everybody. I love regular
people as much as not-so-regular ones.
MQ: I understand. You also call yourself Goth Charlotte. So is there a connection to the Gothic scene?
CS: Yes, I’ve always loved gothic rock. When I was younger, I used to dress up and go to goth clubs.
MQ: And your connection to the fetish scene?
CS: I explore fetishes as much as I can in my professional and personal life and I’d love to become more integrated into …

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