Vince Voltage | @vince_voltage

The name alone says it — Vince Voltage! Anyone who sees pictures from this artist will notice
immediately that a particularly weird bird is at work here, creating pictures with their very own
aesthetics and wonder. We asked Mr. Voltage to speak to us and lost the thread again and again…

MARQUIS: Hi Vince, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. You just had an exhibition as part of
the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. How was it?
Vince Voltage: It was WGTastic. I‘ve just walked in through the door of my little chalet at home, and I‘m happy to be able to give you this interview to take my mind off the looming post-exhibition depression. It was my first guest appearance at the WGT – and, at the same time, my first WGT at all, and every cell in my body is happy about how the exhibition was received and how frenetically the audience there celebrated my pictures. I‘ve rarely had so much fun at an event — there were countless comments about the exhibition and a lot of positive feedback from exciting and great guests.
MQ: That was your first exhibition since the pandemic, right? What‘s it like being ‚active‘ again?
Is that part of being an artist for you?
VV: Even during the pandemic, my favourite gallery owner, Norbert, made some efforts to
organize online events digitally — but to be honest, that‘s not for me. An exhibition has to be a
happening – this also includes the atmosphere, a DJ who spins Whitney Houston at least once,
exactly three short people, well-mixed drinks and people who dance on the box without pants.
Unfortunately, none of this works online. The artist collective Platform11, in which I also
work as a curator, was very fortunate to have some well-attended exhibitions between the
lockdowns. I also contributed five large-format prints. But unfortunately, the atmosphere was a
bit affected by the pandemic, I think. It‘s super important to be present again: There‘s
nothing better than …

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