Daniel Harms | @lipstick_glitch

Daniel Harms, born in 1980, uses the pen with a light hand. His compositions are expressive, his art body-related. At first, we only saw the photographs, which encouraged us to look behind
the curtain, where we met an extremely interesting artist that we didn’t want to leave out of our Marquis Society. So we asked Daniel for an interview.

MARQUIS: Hello Daniel, people know you perhaps more as a painter than as a photographer. Have you suddenly felt like changing professions? How does the camera fit into your picture?

Daniel Harms: That‘s right, many people know me more as a painter or musician who exhibits
internationally in museums and galleries. In addition to the fine arts, photography is also an
important artistic and cultural contribution, but for me, it was always associated with a certain
reverence. Due to the pandemic, I couldn‘t access my photographers in 2021, who usually take pictures of my paintings, so I decided to buy a camera to take the photos myself. After a short time, I started taking self-portraits. I immediately had an idea of what it should look like, reduced colours, few greens and blues, and everything a little darker. I‘ve been photographing for a year now and I can say it‘s quite fun and you meet a lot of new and exciting people.

MQ: I believe you! When I took over MARQUIS, I immediately ventured into a whole new cosmos full of interesting people… like you! But back to your work, what are your influences?

DH: If we were to open the drawer, one could name Modern Expressionism as a style, my
influences in painting are …

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