Frankinsella | @frankinsella, Mika Katana | @mika__katana


Francis Kinsella is the best proof of how creative the gothic scene can be!
What started as a gimmick with friends eventually became vocation.
And if you do the right thing at the right moment, you will be rewarded in the end.
You could say Francis‘ career as a fetish photographer began with
a spilled glass of cider, but he would rather tell us himself.

MARQUIS: Francis, we‘ve been following your account for a while and we‘re always amazed by
your work. What is your background and how did you get into adult photography, and latex
photography in particular?
Francis Kinsella: I came to photography through the goth scene. In the beginning, I was
the guy who always had a simple camera with me and took photos of my friends for social
media at gigs and festivals. One time at Whitby Goth Weekend, I put my camera on a table and
someone spilled a whole pint of cider over it, which meant I needed a new camera. I was
wondering whether to just get another compact, or, since I took a lot of photographs,
something a bit better.
MQ: And what became of it?
FK: I ended up getting an entry-level DSLR and started playing with it, and then a while later..

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