I slept very little during Pleasure Bay. There was a lot to do, the parties were great
and I really enjoyed talking to the amazing guests (the best an event can have!)
The heartfelt exchange was just great!
There were also great photo shoots, well-attended workshops, delicious food, pool,
sea and more waves than we could have wished for. It was a great festival.
Or as the unique Eri Kitami said, “Super Enjoy Latex Time!” I can only agree with that!

We‘re still revelling
in the fantastic memories!
Please, please do that again!
Huge kiss from us!

Sony & Axel

We had a great time at the
Pleasure Bay Party! It is definitely
the most beautiful location for a fetish
event that I have visited so far! What a great
location! I love the fact that it was a complete
hotel takeover, so we had a nice hotel, nice
pool and a private bay for all of us.

Miss Fetilicious

Some exciting outfits were
already on display at breakfast,
and we had three great parties where
there was a lot of dancing,
playing and kissing.
The shows and VIPs rounded
off the program aesthetically.