Wolfgang M. Schmitt | @wolfgangmschmitt // Model: Janna Evstafeva | @janna_evstafeva
Photo: Peter W. Czernich | @peterczernich AND Andreas Reichardt | @anirei.letgo


Sex and eroticism are everywhere. We can share our desires and live them out freely. But is
that really the case? With all the open-mindedness being practiced nowadays, we‘ve noticed
one thing: eroticism has long since disappeared from cinema, and dealing with it on social media is problematic, to say the least, not to mention fetish and kink. OnlyFans wanted to ban eroticism and sex and Instagram at least blocks certain hashtags. What’s going on here?
A sit down with film critic, podcast host, video producer and author Wolfgang M. Schmitt.

MARQUIS: Mr. Schmitt, where has eroticism gone?
Wolfang M Schmitt: In cinema, eroticism has disappeared when we talk about mainstream
film, especially the heavily Americanized kind. You can go so far as to say that sex on the screen is almost non-existent, nudity more in a comedic context, a place where it seems to me that sexuality and eroticism have been outsourced.
MQ: Where to?
WMS: It takes place now on the porn platforms, but it’s no longer part of mainstream cinema,
and thus in a way, it’s no longer part of society in the sense that it’s part of the social discourse
that people communicate: What is …

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