Model: Yazzabel de Warth | @yazzabel_de_warth AND Grave Artist | @grave.artist
Photo: anirei_letgo | @anirei_letgo // b/w Photo: Tamara Lehmann | @the_art_of_lehmann
Fashion: Rosengarn | @rosengarn_karinplum
MUA: Kinky Faces | @kinky_faces__make_up_artist

Rosengarn is a label committed to everyday latex
clothing. The designs show great attention to detail
and deserve the designer piece designation without
any reservations. This is partly due to the extravagant
latex colouring that makes some jackets and dresses
unique. We shot some beautiful pieces of Rosengarn
with the amazing Yazzabel de Warth and the one and
only Grave Artist.


MARQUIS: Rosengarn has been around since 2004, so this year it will come of age, so to speak. Can you still remember which piece of clothing you first brought to market?
Karin Plum: Hello Andreas, my specialty right from the start was realizing my customers‘ wishes. This resulted in many individual pieces. In addition, I like to try new things, and there is an infinite amount that can be implemented in latex. A few years ago, I started making small series. The very first piece I made out of latex was a shirt with long sleeves and multiple zippers. I still have that today.
MQ: You write that sewing as a hobby brought you to your job as a tailor for vinyl and leather alterations.
Then came the latex. But you got stuck with latex. What was the reason, what is different here from lacquer and leather?
KP: The material fascinated me. The feel and the processing are completely different than with lacquer and leather. It offers endless possibilities to create fascinating fashion and exciting articles. In addition to the popular black, there are many gorgeous colours to choose from.
MQ: In terms of style, Rosengarn is completely different from the «typical» latex labels. Your clothing is actually suitable for everyday use and actually has very little to do with fetish. How did you come up with the idea of working in this direction?
KP: The idea arose from a wish from a dear customer. He asked me to recreate his favourite latex leather jacket. It should be lined and not conspicuous in public. I was supposed to take care of all the details of the leather jacket, right down to a special patch. My husband really liked this jacket, so he got one too.
Then I designed a women‘s model and my clients liked it. I recognized a niche within latex fashion and specialized in it.
MQ: Perfect! And such a jacket accompanies you for a lifetime. A latex fan can enjoy his favourite material even longer.
KP: Exactly. With my everyday fashion, I and my customers have the opportunity to wear our favourite material outside of the party scene. And without attracting attention in public. For example,…

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