PEACH Madmoiselle Peachy | @madmoiselle_peachy
Photo: Heinrich Grummet | @averageshots

Madmoiselle Peachy is a beautiful woman who knows how to make a grandiose
impression in latex. The biologist and interpreter uses photography
and modelling as a balance to her stressful everyday life. She is always a welcome guest at
MARQUIS, and we are especially pleased to finally be able to honour her appropriately with
a big stretch!

MARQUIS: Dear Madmoiselle Peachy, I met you for the first time when you were walking for
Marquis Fashion. I was very impressed by your charisma. And now it’s worked out and we have
you at MARQUIS. I think that’s great. But you didn’t work with Doreen (formerly Marquis
Fashion) for the first time, did you?
Madmoiselle Peachy: Thank you very much for the compliment! I am also very happy to be
able to work with you again. That’s right, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Doreen
several times. The first time was at the Marquis Fashion Ninja show in 2016, which
was a lot of fun! Since then we’ve had several projects that we’ve done together, some of
which you’ve been able to admire in various MARQUIS issues.
MQ: The Ninja Show is still legendary today! Peter almost always wears the matching shirt
at shoots. Tell me, are you primarily a model or a fetish model?
MP: I think both: Often the transitions between the jobs are fluid anyway. In the fetish scene…