We already had the pleasure of seeing a small section of Jamie Mahon‘s magnificent work at HEAVY RUBBER 43. But it was clear to us that we had to present this artist once again in the MARQUIS. His book «Modern Gothic» was a highly regarded book even beyond the black scene. Of course, we are especially interested in erotic and fetish photography. It shows that Jamie is an unbelievably versatile photographer and extremely likeable!

MARQUIS: Dear Jamie, you have a good eye as a photographer, but I also see a very own style
when it comes to retouching. How did you come to specialize in that?
Jamie Mahon: I started taking photographs at university, back in the days of film and darkrooms,
when you took 36 shots per roll and then spent eight hours experimenting with chemicals.
That was the way it was. I only decided to go digital when I felt that the technology was better to justify the investment. Now I am in the fortunate position of having the equipment to either shoot on location or to work in my studio at home.
MQ: That is ideal, of course.
JM: I have published my work all over the world and have a book printed, but I am not looking for big clients. I concentrate more on working with people who do not normally have the opportunity
to dress up, be their true selves and be professionally photographed. I get so many comments
from people who say: “I wish I could“

MQ: How has your view of photography evolved over the years?
JM: As an artist, …